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See what our clients say about their health improvements after doing consultations and treatments with us.

Client Testimonial from Peter

Watch our interview with one of our long-time clients Peter. Peter talks about his journey thinking that his primary issue was his gut, but finding out that the dominant issue was heavy metals. How is overcoming anaphylactic sensitivities, arthritis, bloat and more.
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Client Testimonial from Adam

Watch our interview with one of our long-time clients, Adam. In this video, Adam talks about his before and after FMT experience.
I have been able to expand my diet. I take the herbs you recommend which means.....my BM’s are consistently normal! Woohoo!!!! My UTI symptoms are fading away too. Thanks for all your help
I am doing SO well! It's amazing!! If I weren't living in my own body, I wouldn't believe such positive changes could happen with advanced multiple sclerosis EVER, under any circumstances, but I am especially blown away with how quickly systemic changes are happening for me. Fatigue, pain, mood, spasticity, balance, and gait have all improved significantly. I went hiking with my husband yesterday and both of us were brought to tears by the change.

I feel like I have my life back. PRAISE GOD for gut bugs!
I’ve seen a couple of dieticians in the hospital and I’ve learned TONS more from Kristina and Dr. Code. Thank you! This is the kind of care I was hoping for in the hospital.

Client Testimonial: Tate

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After several years of suffering from brain fog, food intolerances, skin rashes, all seemingly rooted in digestive issues, and with no insight from traditional medical professions I decided to get FMT done. While I did notice it improving my overall well-being, what I wish I had known was the importance of getting the gut properly in line for the treatment. I also found out afterwards that I was positive for SIBO and SIFO and had been all along. In hindsight I wish I had done more testing first and treated accordingly ahead of time.
Michael Mark
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I have CFS and the symptoms of brain fog, fatigue and inflammation can be debilitating. I first tried FMT for my CFS in 2019. Within one week, my brain fog completely lifted for 2 years. Much of my fatigue was gone too.  However, it did eventually come back so I proceeded to get FMT top ups. Many of my other CFS symptoms still remained- low blood sugar, anemia, etc, but things were so much better! I just want to be able to live my life and be there for my son and family. Even if it is a temporary solution, FMT has given me the power to do that. And although it doesn't seem to be addressing the root cause/s of my CFS I have found FMT to be the best bandaid solution I have ever tried. I now have a clear mind and more energy to continue on my journey of addressing the root cause of CFS and getting my health and 100% of my life back for good. 
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I just wanted to make this comment to someone who might understand. I think this week, but today in particular, it has finally and truly sunk in that I'm going to be OK. That I don't have to live with the constant fear that everything I regained will go away tomorrow. I wished (and prayed even) for a time when I might regain some measure of my health. Now, that wish has been granted, that prayer has been answered. I have to remember what it was like to be curled up in bed in pain, lost and hopeless, to remember all the promises I made to myself about how I would live if …

I have to do my best to not squander it, to keep always in mind how precious it is. I am so grateful to have been able to have you as a guide along the way. 
T. S.
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Client Testimonial: Yassie

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Ted talks about doing FMT for SIBO

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