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Who Is Kristina?

Throughout the process of healing myself from my own chronic health issues I developed an appreciation for viewing the human body as an intricate woven piece of art. Weave a piece here, tangle a bit there and you’ll end up with a knot over there that blocks function on multiple layers.

I like to imagine that through using a healthy knowledge of holistic health, along with a bit of help from testing we can unravel the tangles and piece together the masterpiece that we are meant to be.

For those currently experiencing any type of health issue I invite you to use it as an opportunity to grow and to seek out your personal root cause in order to prevent or correct your disease from the source.

Kristina's Credentials

Undergraduate Degree, Dalhousie University (2012)

Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (2018)
Private Student of Bill Code Holistic MD (2018-Present)

Colon Hydrotherapy Training, Prime Pacific (2018)

Microbiota Transplant Training (FMT), Taymount, UK (2018)

Masters in Colonics, Glenn Taylor (2018)

SIBO Practitioner Training, Dr. Jacobi (2018)

SIBO Practitioner Training, Dr. Siebecker (2018)

Microbiome Restoration, Dr. Hawrelak (2018)

Advanced SIBO Practitioner Training (2019)

Certification as Bioindividual Nutritionist (2019)

Microbiota Transplant Teaching Certificate (2020)

Kendra Perry HTMA Experts (2020)

SAFM School of Applied Functional Medicine (2020-2023)

Specialty Paediatrics (2021)

Meet our team

Jona Montinola
Executive Assistant
Customer Manager

Jona can help you book appointments, order laboratories and supplements, and answer inquiries about our products and services.
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